Terms and Conditions

This is an Agreement (the Agreement) between you (the Customer) and PURE WATERFALL for the use of equipment and water as indicated above for a period of One Year(s) from the date of installation of equipment and water. The Agreement will renew automatically at each anniversary date, unless the Customer cancels the service, in writing, 30 days prior to the expiration date of the Agreement.

You, the Customer, may not terminate this Agreement prior to the initial term stated above. We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at any time upon the occurrence of (a) the failure to make a payment owing to PURE WATERFALL within 30 (thirty) days of its due date, or (b) the abuse or misuse of equipment belonging to PURE WATERFALL. If service is terminated by either party for any reason prior to the above terms, a termination fee of $70.00 (seventy dollars) will be assessed to the Customer’s account balance, and charged wither to the Customer’s credit card or through direct billing. You, the Customer, hereby authorize PURE WATER-FALL to charge the cancellation fee to the credit card number that you provided upon entering the agreement.

The Customer agrees to pay the monthly statement by the due date stated on the bill, or a $10.00 (ten dollars) late fee will be applied to the bill.

In the unlikely event that damage occurs due to our equipment, PURE WATERFALL reserves the right to ascertain fault, damages and remedy whether through our own resources, or through the resources of the Customer with a minimum of 3 (three) written bids. In either event, PURE WATERFALL will interact directly with the party(s) performing repairs and remedy to the Customer.

I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions as stated above.

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